“Adorable Husky’s Tender ‘Hugs’ to Sleeping Baby Sister Wins Hearts of Over 2 Million Online Fans”

The adorable husky, Millie, has won the hearts of many by hugging her baby sister while they both sleep. The two have been inseparable since Daisy was born and share a strong bond. Millie is very protective of Daisy and shows it through her sweet gestures.

Millie is adored by Daisy and greets her with giggles and grins. Although Millie is a colossal, furry pooch, Daisy has no fear of her. In fact, she welcomes Millie’s presence and allows the enormous canine to cuddle up beside her.

The affection between Millie the husky and Daisy, a baby, is a sight to behold. A proud father shared on YouTube how his little one gets euphoric at the mere sight of his husky. They love to snuggle up and even doze off together. However, the parents of Daisy think that there is a more profound reason for their inseparable bond.

The parents of Daisy have shared an interesting observation about their husky Millie. They believe that Millie considers Daisy to be her own puppy. This is not uncommon as per the American Kennel Club, dogs tend to get attached to babies and develop a strong bond with them if they spend a considerable amount of time together. It seems like Millie has formed a special connection with Daisy and sees her as a part of her family.

Many people view children as playmates who give them the attention they crave. Owning a dog is believed to have positive effects on a child’s well-being. Dogs bring happiness to babies and promote the production of serotonin and dopamine in their bodies. Furthermore, growing up with a dog can boost a baby’s immune system.

It could be the abundance of affectionate doggy kisses that make babies healthier. When dogs sniff or lick a baby’s face or bottom, it’s their way of ensuring the baby’s wellbeing. This is something mother dogs often do with their own puppies. According to Caleb Backe, a Pet Health and Wellness Expert at Maple Holistics, having a dog around can result in a healthier, more protected, and happier upbringing for human babies. Dogs are perceptive to the vulnerability of babies and will take on a protective role towards them, as they do with members of their own group in certain situations. Female dogs have been known to care for human children as if they were their own offspring in order to keep them safe.

As soon as Millie enters the room, she jumps onto Daisy’s lap without any hesitation. Despite this sudden intrusion, Daisy remains calm and starts petting her furry companion. They both appear to enjoy each other’s company immensely. As Daisy continues to stroke Millie’s fur, she begins to feel so relaxed that she eventually dozes off – all while snuggled up with her beloved dog.

Millie went the extra mile to ensure that Daisy was safe even while she was sleeping with the child. Daisy felt more secure as she wrapped her paws around the child. These two adorable creatures have garnered a massive following on various social media platforms. One video alone managed to accumulate around 2.4 million views. One viewer commented, “I love how gentle the pup is with the baby,” while another said, “They will always be best friends!” Expressing her amazement, one viewer wrote, “I can’t believe how gentle Millie is with the baby. She just wants to cuddle; what a fantastic babysitter!” Another person expressed their admiration for the duo by stating, “I adore how they doze off together.” Check out the video below to witness the cuteness overload of Millie and Daisy. Share this with your loved ones and friends.

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