A Hero’s Tale: Man Resuscitates Baby Elephant in Heart-Racing Moment

You may have come across numerous emergency services for humans, but it’s highly unlikely that you’ve witnessed an animal being rescued. This man could hardly believe that he administered CPR to an elephant. It’s heartwarming to hear that the baby elephant, Ellie, was saved and I’m truly grateful for your heroic act. Thank you!

In the Chanthaburi province of eastern Thailand, a baby elephant was struck by a motorcycle while crossing a road with a herd of wild elephants. The incident prompted a call for assistance, and local lifeguard Mana Srivate quickly arrived on the scene. However, he was surprised to find that his first aid skills would be put to the test on an elephant – in his 26 years of experience, he had performed CPR on numerous occasions, but never on such a large animal before.

Despite encountering the strangest patient he had ever treated, Srivate remained professional and quick to act. Though he relied on instinct, I was nervous throughout the whole ordeal as I could hear the mother and other elephants calling for their baby. While colleagues a few meters away attended to a motorcyclist, Srivate attempted to give the poor creature a heart massage. Despite not knowing exactly where the elephant’s heart was located, he relied on human theory and a video he had seen online to save the baby elephant, leaving his colleagues stunned.

Rescuers face immense pressure as the rest of the herd is nearby and could arrive at any moment. However, the baby elephant made a miraculous recovery after a dramatic 10-minute period, much to the relief of everyone involved. Even Srivate, one of the rescuers, was moved to tears at the sight of the elephant moving. After being lifted onto a truck, the elephant was transported to another location for treatment before being returned to its original location to be reunited with the rest of its herd. Additionally, the good news is that the motorcyclist involved in the incident was not seriously injured.

It was an exciting moment for Mana as he provided first aid to an elephant for the very first time, and the successful rescue of the baby elephant filled him with happiness. His quick thinking and actions were greatly appreciated, as it’s hard to imagine what could have happened if he hadn’t arrived in time. May God bless Mana and the baby elephant!

I am overjoyed that the baby has survived. You deserve a round of applause for your noble act, which shows that you possess a kind heart. Thanks for rescuing the adorable little one!

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