“Joyful Baby Elephant’s First Mud Bath Brings Pure Delight”

Baby elephant

During childhood, everything seems novel and exciting, especially for a young elephant who had the pleasure of experiencing her first-ever mud bath when she was just a few days old.


Gawa was all ready to join her family in the mud, but things didn’t go as expected when she slipped and fell instead of walking in. Gordon Buchanan, a wildlife cameraman, couldn’t help but notice her unusual approach and commented on it. Luckily, the young elephant wasn’t hurt and was able to enjoy her first bath with the help of her loving caretakers.

Baby elephant

On the other side of the muddy pool, an older baby elephant named Weaver was showcasing her newly acquired skills. Gordon reported that according to him, Weaver seemed more confident and physically stronger than Gawa, another baby elephant. Feeling empowered, Weaver decided to take on a challenging path out of the water, which involved climbing a steep hill. With the help of her caretakers, she successfully completed the task and proved her strength and abilities.

Baby elephant

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